5 Reasons to Run in Morocco

If you're reading this post you're most likely a runner, and we know most runners don't need any additional reasons to run. So why am I writing this list of reasons to run in Morocco? Because if you aren't sure that you should pack your shoes, I want to help you realize that as you're planning your next vacation or holiday, Morocco is a great place to run. I've run I in a lot of places in my travels and I've never found anywhere as unique to run in as Morocco. With that said here are my five reasons you should plan to run in Morocco during your next holiday:

1. You get to see the city in a unique way. 

This is one of those things I say so often that I forget how many times I've said it to and to whom, but that's because it's something I really believe is true. How else can you cover as much ground in such a short period of time? Exploring cities on foot give you a perspective you just can't get in a taxi or bus. While riding taxis and busses are both great ways of seeing things you're removed and not as involved in the experience. Where as going on foot and especially by running we get to be part of the adventure and see Morocco at eye level.

2.  You don't feel as guilty splurging on all the awesome Moroccan food.

In my opinion there's no food like Moroccan food. I love tajine and couscous (main dishes), mecimin and harsha (breads), harira (soup), and shebekia (desert). The list could go on and on and on but I'll leave it there for now. A week in Morocco enjoying all these foods can leave a runner feeling a little bit guilty upon their return to running at the end of their holiday. By adding in a few runs you can feel a little more at ease in your enjoyment of Moroccan cuisine. 

3. You get to run in the footsteps of history. 

While everywhere has has some kind of history, Morocco is a crossroads of many different cultures. Berbers, Romans, and Arabs have all called Morocco home at some point. Old fortresses, city wall, markets, deserts, and villages, Morocco has it all.  And while the people who lived here +1,000 years ago likely weren't running marathons it's neat to think about what life was like back then as you run though their backyard 1,000 years later. 

4. The weather is great. 

Yes, during the summer it can get very hot here in Morocco, but for most of the year the weather is perfect for running. While in the winter Europe is experiencing freezing temps or covered in snow, most of Morocco is experiencing very mild temps in comparison. 

While during the summer months it can and does get very warm in large portions of the country, the mornings are still great times to run. The temps usually drop quite a lot at night and give runners and other early risers a nice reprive from the daytime heat. In the middle of the summer, not too long ago, there were several mornings I contemplated grabbing one of my light jackets for my pre-run warm up. Maybe I was just adjusting to the heat, but there was that kind of noticeable drop in the mornings. 

5. You get bragging rights. 

How many of your friends can say they have run in Africa? When people think of Africa many think of safaris and animals while others thing of think deserts and pyramids but how many can say they ran in Africa? It's bragging rights. It's a story to tell your grandkids one day. You can update your facebook status, tweet it, post a picture to Instagram because that's one post that it'll take a long time for your friends to top.

I can think of many more reasons why you should run on your next visit to Morocco but I think I will stop there. What about your city? Can you think of any reasons people should run where you live? Let us know in the comments below... who knows maybe you'll convince some of us to come for a run.  

Posted on November 17, 2014 .