IAAF Continental Cup Marrakech 2014

IAAF Continental Cup 2014 Marrakech

IAAF Continental Cup 2014 Marrakech

  I had opportunity a few weeks ago to go to the final day of the IAAF Continental Cup track and field competition hosted here in Marrakech. Europe won. 

  This was my first time getting to go to an event at Marrakech's main stadium. I was very impressed with the facility. I've run past the stadium, it sits just outside of town on the road to the highway, but I had never been inside. For a free event (I was given my tickets) it was a lot of fun. If its ever back here in Marrakech I think I'll plan on trying to attend more of the event rather than just the last little bit. 

And here's a few clips from the event...

Posted on November 9, 2014 .