Basic Tour Prices



This includes all of our normal 5k run options within Marrakech

Price: 300 Moroccan Dh  or  €30 



This includes all of our normal 10k run options within Marrakech

Price: 400 Moroccan Dh  or  €400


13k (8 miles)

This is the one where we show you the old city walls

Price: 500 Moroccan Dh  or  €50


Specialized Tours


Customized Run*

You choose where and how far and we will be there with you

Prices Start At:  600 Moroccan Dh  or  €60

 * There will be an extra charge per mile/kilometer over  8 miles/13k


Half Marathon Option

Coming Soon...


All payments will be due before your run when you meet with your guide. We accept Moroccan Dirham (Dh) and Euro (€).

We apologize that at this time we are unable to accept any form of electronic payments.  

Customized Video

Purchase a customized video recap of your next run with us and share it with your friends. You can read a full description of this option over on our blog here. The cost for our customized videos are 150 dh (€15 euro) in addition to the cost of your run(s). 

Group Discounts

We do offer group discounts. If you know that you will be running with a friend or group let us know on the registration form and we will let you know about our discounts.