Trail Running Options near Marrakech

Are you in Marrakech but would like to get out of the city for a run on some trails? We have just the options for you. We offer two different trail runs. One is in the foothills of the mountains and one is in the nearby Agafay desert. Both runs are about an hour outside of town and are ran on fun and easy trails. Depending on your start time you can be back in Marrakech to enjoy the whole afternoon in the city.


Agafay Desert Option

  Run in the rocky Agafay desert, this trail run lets you run in the shadows of the beautiful Atlas Mountains. The double track trail is mostly hard packed sand and rocks which follow the hills and ravines that wind through this area.

Run Distance: 13 miles/21 km

Distance from Marrakech: 1 hour


Mountain Trail Option

  This run is a beautiful half marathon distance run on single and double track trails that wind their ways through villages and farms hidden in the mountains near Marrakech. While this run does include some decent amount of elevation gain it is not anything that would be too difficult for someone used to running trails.

Run Distance: 13 miles/21 km

Distance from Marrakech: 1 hour

Price and What's Included


Price: 1,900 Moroccan Dh or €190 for the first person.

  • Our prices are the same for either one of these two trail runs. 
  • For each additional person the cost is only 500 Dh or €50, up to five runners.
  • If you have a larger group interested in booking one of these runs contact us and we can discuss possible discounts.


- This price includes a privately guided run with an experienced running coach/guide, water, and snacks/nutrition during and after the run, as well as photos that we will email to you of your run.

- In addition these prices include the cost of private transportation from Marrakech and the return trip after your run. We will take care of all the transportation details so you don't have to.