Marrakech International Film Festival 2014


This is just a quick post to mention that the International Film Festival which is held every year in Marrakech is about to get it's 14th edition underway in a few days. The festival runs from December 5th to the 13th and attracts films and stars from all over the world. 

As I was walking through the Jamaa Al Fnaa square this week I saw that they were putting the finishing touches on one of the main film screens. It's literally right in the main square.  

The main viewing screen in the square 

The main viewing screen in the square 

If your going to be in town this weekend you should try to catch a film or two, there are films in several languages. And while you're at it why not sign up to go for a run with us while you're here. 

If you're planning on being here for the festival this year let us know in the comments below or if you've been before and have some tips about the festival let us know as well.  

Posted on December 3, 2014 and filed under Culture.