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Jonathan finishing a  trail race

Jonathan finishing a  trail race

Jonathan Wheeler - Coach and Running Guide

   Jonathan grew up in the United States and moved to Morocco in 2011 where he's lived ever since. He’s been an avid runner since college, when he started running to lose weight, and now it's a passion. Jonathan has completed several ultra marathons, many half and full marathons as well as a lot of shorter races. He starts most days with a run and loves running throughout Marrakech and other areas of Morocco.

   He is a certified personal trainer and has coaching certification through USA Track and Field, so he can help if you are just getting back into running or are training for a marathon of your own.

   Jonathan is married and has two kids and they love to get outside and be active whether it's riding their bikes or just running down their street.

"I love Marrakech and love to experience this city in a way that few do, by running it's streets almost everyday. It makes me happy that I can show other runners this amazing side of Marrakech on our runs."