The 2013 Running in Morocco Race Calendar

  Here is a non-exhaustive 2013 Morocco race calendar. I say that it is non-exhaustive because it took me several hours to compile this list and there were some races that I came across by name only and did not include. The races I put on the list are ones that either have a website, I know for sure to exist, or I read about other people actually running them in the past and I found some kind of date. 

2012 Morocco Race Calendar

January 27

26.2 miles or 13.1   miles
February 6

10 km
February 23 

(this site is on some kind of dental page , but it is the only page with info.)

65 km or 13.1 miles
March 10

10 km
March 10 -17

100 miles
March 17

30 km, 10 km, or 1500   meters
March 24 

15 km
March 30 - April   5 

Four day stage race   with stages of 27 km, 28 km, 27 km, and 35 km.
April 21 

13.1 miles
April 5-15 

150 miles in six   stages
April 7

13.1 miles
June 20-23 
Four day stage race   with stages of 22 km, 17.5 km, 31 km, and 18 km. With a total distance of   88.5 km


333 miles
October 3-4 

105 km, 42 km, or 26 km
October 26- November   1 

111 km in three   stages
October 27

26.2 miles or 13.1   miles
(could not find exact date)

1.5 km swim, 40 km bike, and 10 km run
(could not find exact date)

Semi Marathon   International De Laayoune 
(Unable to find website)

13.1 miles
December 29

26.2 miles or 13.1   miles

  Many races I found were mentioned on blogs or other websites and when I clicked on the links provided I was directed either to a website with nothing to do with the race or to which only provided dates. Or there may be a race like the Agadir Half-Marathon which online seems to have about five different names making it really hard to nail down specifics.  So, I tried my best to assemble a decent list of races with their dates and websites. As the year goes on, I will continue to update this list as I learn of other races.

  As I said above I know there are other races out there so if you have any information about them or if you know of any other races I should add to the calendar, let me know in the comment section.
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