Running Races in Morocco Flyers

  Last weekend when I was at the Marrakech Marathon Village picking up my race number, I also picked up a few flyers for some up coming races here in Morocco. I love running races in new places so I am excited about these races and I hope to eventually do most of the races here in Morocco. Okay, so here is some basic information about these three races that I learned from reading the flyers and a cursory look at their websites.


  First up, In order of race date, is the Taroudant Asta Footing International 10km, on March 10, 2013. Taroudant is city that is about an hour and a half west of Agadir.


  After reading over the race flyer The thing that immediately jumped out at me was the fact that there does not seem to be a race entry fee! Seeing as my French reading skills are a little rusty, I used Google to do some translating and I confirmed that both the Arabic and the French say that it free to participate in this race. That is awesome and rare. Also, making sure that the race is a little more attractive, their website says that not only is it free but all who participant will receive a t-shirt and a finisher medal. The website,, also says that the course is 100% flat. Which makes a not so difficult distance even more enjoyable. Finally, you can register online at the website and since it is a free race no credit card info is requested.

  That's really all the info I have about the race. It is a free race in what I hear to be an awesome city.

Key Info:

  • Free race entry
  • Free t-shirt and finishers medal
  • Sign-up online @

  Next up is the Planet Sport 15km of Bouskoura, on March 24, 2013. Bouskoura is a town that is half an hour south of Casablanca.


  The official race website is According to the site, this race is open to 2,500 runners both Moroccan and foreigners. Also, this race will run through a forest nearby. I do not think that it is a trail race, but I could be wrong. Also race registration can be done online at the website and the fee is 100 dirham.

  Ok, so here is where this race becomes really appealing to anyone who lives in Morocco, instore race registration. While anyone can do the registration online, this race has a really awesome instores option. Planet Sport is not only the name sake of this race but also possible the largest chain of sports stores in Morocco. The race organizers have opted to allow race registration to be done at many of their store locations across morocco.

  There are about 13 stores that you can register at. The website says that if you register at a store then beginning the week of Monday, March 11 you will be able to return to the store you registered at and pick up you race number. So, why do I think that this is amazing? This race is pretty close to a midway spot from most major cities in Morocco and can be driven to on race morning. Being able to drive (although it would work out to be an early morning for some) to the race on race morning and not having to get a hotel room is a very appealing option.

Key Info:

  • Race fee is only 100 Dh
  • There is race registration online and in stores

  The final race I learned about is the "Ceders International Marathon" or the "trail d'ifrane." This is a stage race on the trails in the mountains around the city of Ifrane, Morocco. 


  This is possibly the race that I am most excited about, because I have always wanted to do a multi-day stage race. The total distance of the race is 88.5 km covered in four stages over four days.

Here are the stage lengths:

  1. 22 km
  2. 17.5 km
  3. 31 km
  4. 18 km

  The website for the race is On the website are videos, pictures, map, and several other things. Race cost is 1,500 Dh and registration can be done online. As much information as I have found online and in the in the flyer, I still have several questions that I will be looking for answers about. The biggest question that stands out to me is, is there a camp at the end of each stage or are the participants transported back to Ifrane for the evenings and back to the next days start? I will be looking for answers and when I find out I will post my answer here on the blog. The answer could be on the website and I am just missing it because it is in French, but either way when I find out, I will let you know.

Key info:

  • This is a 4 day 4 stage race that is 88.5 km total in length
  • The cost is 1,500 Dh
  • Registration can be done online
  • This is the races fifth year

  So, here are three more running races in Morocco that you should look into doing, I know I hope to do at least one of them. As the race dates draw closer, if I find out any new information I will continue to put updates on the blog and hopefully I will be able to run one or two of them and let you know how it goes. 

  As always if you have any questions, comments or info please leave a comment below or email me at Now get up and go for a run!

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