The International Marathon of Marrakech

    The 2013 edition annual Marrakech International Marathon (International Marathon of Marrakech) and half marathon in Morocco will be in less than two weeks. This will be my first year running the race, so as of right now my knowledge is limited to what I have read and heard from others, which isn't much. Also, remember that all this information is for the 2013 race and could be different in the future.

What I do know (most of which comes from the organizer's website

  • The race will be held on Sunday, January 27th
  • The full marathon beginning at 8 am and the half marathon at 9 am
  • Race number pick-up will be on Friday and Saturday
  • They are expecting about 6,000 runners to participate this year (according to the official race website)
  • There are aid stations with water ever 5 km (3 miles)
  • You can sign up for the race on-line, there is a link on the organizers website for this
  • The weather is currently on the chilly side in the mornings (high thirties, low forties degrees  Fahrenheit) and warms up over the morning. Perfect racing weather

There are three levels of race fees:
  • If you have Moroccan citizenship it is 50 dh (Moroccan currency)
  • If you are a foreigner but have residency within morocco it is 50 Euro
  • For every one else the cost is 70 Euro

    The city is very flat and only has a few "inclines" that can't really even be called hills. If you are looking for a personal record this is probably the course to do it on and get a great vacation at the same time. There is also a course map on the organizers web site.

    After race day I will post a race report and hopefully provide some better information about the race. If you have ran the Marrakech International Marathon, have any questions or things for me check on, or other info please leave a comment below.

    Well, as I said the race is less than two weeks away so I better get out and do my training for the marathon.