The Dust Storm that Ruined My Run

    These are sad times. I was all ready to go on my last, if not short by comparison, long run (14 miles) before next weekends race. However, when we woke up this morning we found a storm on its way into town. Normally this would not be a problem, I would grab my rain jacket as a precaution and hit the road. But since it has not rained in almost two months here the wind that came in before the storm kicked up a lot of dust, dirt, and trash.


On a normal day you can see a mountain line from here.

    I do not mind running in the rain. I do not mind running in the cold. I do not mind running in the snow, and I do not mind running in the heat. What I do not like to run/cycle/hike/walk in is a dust storm. Now that would be different if I were to ever get the chance to participate in the Marathon Des Sables, a race in the Sahara of Morocco then I would be more than happy to train and race/run in a dust storm. 

    That's life, I am just happy that most of the year there is great weather for running here. As it stands now, my run is postponed until tomorrow and after that begins my one week taper before the Marrakech marathon.