Get a Customized Video of Your Run


   Running while on vacation is one of my favorite things to do. The moment my wife and I decide on where we will be going I begin looking online for how I will be able to run to all the best places.

  After I get back from my runs I immediately post pictures of my runs to the internet and show my friends and family a few of the pictures as well but I often wish that I could also let them see a little more of the awesome places I got to run, like maybe through a video of my run. But at the time I'm usually too busy taking everything in to think about recording much video in addition to the many pictures I take for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.

  That is why we are now offering to make a customized video of your run in Marrakech for you. This way you can not only enjoy your run during your visit but for long afterwards as well. We will take video and pictures throughout your guided run with us and a few days later you will receive a link to download the HD video recap of you run in Marrakech, great for posting to YouTube or Facebook.

  The cost for this additional offer is only 150dh (15 euro) added to the total cost of your run. And if you're planning on running multiple times with us during your stay we will, for the same price, include video and pictures from all of your runs.

  We are excited about the chance to offer such a unique souvenir from your time running here in Morocco. All you need to do to request a video of your run is to make sure and check yes to the video option when filling out the registration form.

You can check out an example video here or below from a recent 13k run.  

Posted on November 8, 2016 and filed under Videos, Running Tours.